If you want to become a YDT contributor, please stick to the following guidelines to make the process as smooth as possible.


Contributor’s Guidelines

We love to produce and curate highly informative, entertaining and inspirational articles for people who love culture.

While we are predominantly a documentary focused publication, we are always on the lookout for stories that are more suited to the written word.

We welcome our audience to submit articles with original, relevant and quality content. Before submitting an article, please read our Contributor’s Guidelines carefully. You can pitch your article idea at the bottom of this page.

Please note that we do not currently have a budget for freelance submissions.


Content Requirements

  • Solid knowledge of subject matter, i.e. architecture, electronic music, photography etc.
  • Good English writing skills with accurate grammar and spelling.
  • Evidence of your writing skills, i.e. an article or something similar. If you don’t send an example we won’t be able to consider you.
  • Articles must be 350+ words. This is for quality and ranking. Unless otherwise stated in the sections guidelines below.
  • Please note submissions may be edited slightly by our editors for readability and to match the current site.


Link Requirements

  • There should be at least 3 links to external sources that are relevant.
  • Links should only be to culture related sites and services. No scam sites etc.
  • We may add extra internal links in this post.
  • We may add links to this post from other internal posts as applicable.


Picture Requirements

  • Each article should have at least 2 high quality images.
  • Please feel free to submit images with the article, but note that they may not all be used.
  • If you do wish to submit images they should be landscape format and at least 1920px wide.
  • You must have the rights to use the images you send in.
  • If you don’t have any pictures please have a look for creative commons images such as on unsplash.com, pexels.com, pixabay.com


What Do You Get In Return

  • Content contribution to You Die Twice is currently unpaid, but we plan to start paying contributors very soon.
  • You’ll get experience writing for a high quality culture website.
  • backlink within the content of the guest post to your site.
  • You’ll be listed as a You Die Twice contributer and an about the author section is added to your articles. This author card includes your profile image, links to your website and social profiles as well as a short bio.



Example Articles

Here are some examples of some of the types of articles we are looking for.

A showcase of a creative individual. This could be an artist, photographer, filmmaker, musician. The writing must include an example of their work/link to website.

– 300-400 words

Highlighting photography from around the world, the photos need to tell a story.

Please provide an engaging intro, short 2-3 sentence captions for each photo and a bio about you/the photographer.

– 5 to 8 images (jpg, 1920px width)
– Ca. 300 words

Share your unique/motivational stories with the YDT community.

The stories need to be focused around art, music, travel or lifestyle.

An example would be; a story about that time you fought off a shark while surfing.

These stories need to be in first person and past tense. Please make it vivid with details, facts, descriptions, emotions and observations. Most importantly, be honest, be authentic.

– 600 to 800 words

Share your travel tips & guides to different cities around the world.

For example; The Top 10 Contemporary Art Galleries in London, or, Underground Cinema in Berlin.

These articles should serve as a cultural guide to cities for our readers.

– 500 to 1,000 words



Pitch Your Article