Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art has launched a brand-new exhibition called, The Middlesbrough Collection.

This new exhibition is showing works of art that have not been seen by the public in over a decade.

The Middlesbrough Collection consists of over 2,500 pieces collected by the old Middlesbrough Art Gallery and the local council over the 20th century.

This new exhibition is a part of MIMA’s shift towards being a useful museum and has a strong social focus at its core.

We are invested in acquiring or having work given to us and presenting this work in a way that tells a story about society. – Miguel Amado | Senior Curator At MIMA

The first gallery opened on the 17th February alongside celebrations for the Chinese New Year. MIMA invited members of the community in for free food alongside talks about The Middlesbrough Collection.

On the 10th March, MIMA will be opening the second exhibition on their second-floor gallery, with the plan of rotating the exhibitions on a regular basis.

Miguel Amado, the senior curator at MIMA told us that “we looked back in time, to a moment when museums didn’t exist. When art was shown in cabinets of curiosities.” This ended up playing a strong role in the way MIMA has chosen to exhibit the collection.

The exhibitions are now running and are free to enter for any member of the public.

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